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Ana Miranda Ceramics

Heya glass! Assorted earth colors. 350ml

Heya glass! Assorted earth colors. 350ml

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Heya cup!, healing the relationship with the feminine, understanding the beauty and strength of women, all different, all beautiful, wide, thin, tall, shorter, wives, mothers, workers, professionals, dark, light...

She is not perfect. She is more than that. She is a real woman. A real woman. A woman you can only find once in your life. A woman who dares to be herself no matter what others think or say. A woman who does not accept standards and dares to be her own definition of beauty.

-Tony E.A.

Heya is handmade with stoneware clay without chamotte glazed in different glazes of earth tones and fired at a high temperature for greater resistance. Unique piece made manually with the use of a lathe.

I make this product to order especially for you with a minimum of 2 units and the delivery time can vary between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the quantity requested. For more detailed information please send me a message when placing your order. The colors of the glasses will arrive at random.

*Artisan product, measurements may vary especially in this product with an approximate tolerance of 15mm.

*The price is given per unit.

*Minimum quantity per order: 2 units

*For quantities greater than 12 units, please contact us by private message to obtain wholesale prices.

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